Containment Unit / Ecto-1 Projects

Currently we are working on two major Ghostbusters prop projects. The first is a screen accurate Ecto Containment Unit build that’s currently been in the works for 5 years now. A version of it can be seen in the new documentary film “Cleaning Up The Town: Remembering Ghostbusters”.

The second project is an Ecto-1 that has been in the works for two years since August 2017. The car is an actual 1959 Cadillac ambulance, unlike the Ecto-Flex project, which was a modern conversion.

This page will serve as a host for both projects in the very near future. Currently, updates for the Ecto Containment Unit can be found on Ghostbusters Fans, located here:

As for the Ecto-1 build and restoration, we haven’t shown any progress of it anywhere online and have only just announced it here. Currently, the vehicle needs an entire restoration and conversion (Eureka to a Futura). In the two years since the start of the project, the engine and systems under the hood have completely been rebuilt. As of the first week of August 2019, the car starts and is now running. Also the correct Futura doors have just been located and purchased. Body work and paint will begin soon.

(Click the image to watch a short video)


Please, check back soon to this page to see the builds and their progress.